Career Development

Many careers do not start and end in one place. Accordingly, our group is uniquely positioned with contacts around the globe to consistently search out the next best opportunity for each of our clients. We are able to provide the necessary tools to enable our clients to be successful in all facets of their career, from legal advice to financial planning and everywhere in between.

Talent Representation

We are a leading sports agency with experience in countries across the globe. Our clients receive comprehensive representation catered to their individual sport that is based upon our group’s years of knowledge and expertise. Our agents understand the needs of clubs worldwide and can navigate the difficult process for both athletes and coaches/front office personnel alike.

Marketing and Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s market, talent on the field can translate to many opportunities off of it. From player marketing and commercial endorsements to consulting and brand development, we enable our clients to develop the right image and profile off the field while maintaining the focus necessary on it. We place our clients in the best position to maximize the commercial opportunities their talent commands.

Preseason Tours and Event Management

With the rising globalization of sport, preseason tours and special events across continents have become increasingly important. Whether the goal is to expand the fan base or scout new talent, we are capable and experienced planners who can deliver specialized tours and events tailored to the needs of our clients. From start to finish we promise to deliver an impactful and meaningful experience for any club.

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